North Greenville’s Swords Up App Creates fun competition for students

Timothy Holcombe, Staff Writer

swords up.png

The Swords app is an app for North Greenville students to download onto their phones and grants them points for going to different sporting events. At the end of the year, the student with the most points are able to pick out a grand prize. Prizes such as an Xbox one is in the mix for the winner to choose. According to Micah Sepko, the app is designed for students to be more involved in attending different sporting events to support their fellow students. “We are using [this] to try and make students interact more and be aware of what we have going on in athletics.”

The app runs on a point system. The sporting events in which not as many people attend are worth more points to try and lure more students to those games and events. For instance, going to a football game you may only be rewarded 5 points for attending but you may earn 15 points for attending a Lacrosse match.

 It also is designed to set off a competition for the students. It was created to be a fun way to support the school and your fellow students here at North Greenville University. “This is still just year two of using the app,” Sepko states. “So we have not tweaked everything so there are still some things to work out. It still has ways to push out notifications, it has ways that if you walk by a beacon and it says hey there is a game tonight, don’t forget.”

Sepko has put together a staff to help set all that up that will help the North Greenville student body to interact more. As stated above, there are beacons in place that will ping to let you know about the game that night. This beacon will also be used to tell that you attended the game or event and will give you credit for going by awarding you the points on the app.

The app is a great idea to provide students a good way to attend events around campus. While it is still young and not quite a finished product, it has potential. This app also allows for the sports that may not always attract a lot of students to home games, a way of bringing more students into the stands.