The two sides to tardiness

Bryce Faulkenberry, Staff Writer

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In college, students and teachers have their own feelings about tardiness. A majority of teachers are against it and would rather students be on time. Some students are never tardy, go to class, or just straight-up miss the class. There are also students who are tardy for a majority of classes and have poor time-management skills.

At North Greenville University, we also have the two types of students on tardiness. I asked three people how often they were tardy and I got mixed answers. Jake Blevins, sophomore, said that so far "this semester he has been absent for almost every class multiple times. The classes that he has missed the most of are “usually at 8 a.m. or just really early in the morning.”

Adam Bujtor and Mary Abbot, both freshman, said that they were never late for class and showed up on time. Most of the students that are late usually either forgot what time it was, or had a good reason for missing.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have teachers and their view on tardiness. Professors Sarah Bailey and Donny Mathis said they do not agree with tardiness and feel the student should either show up on time or not show up.

On their syllabus, most professors state the amount of tardies that equate an absence. A majority of teachers will have the same view on tardiness as Bailey and Mathis, because they believe that tardiness is wrong. Professors work hard on the lesson plans and want their students to succeed.

When you show up late to class, student focus is taken away from the teacher and everyone is focused on you at that point.

Even though there are rules against it in the teacher's syllabus students still show up late and sometimes this provides some funny moments for the class. One time I was sitting in class on the first day and we were going over the syllabus and next thing you know someone walks in late. Then after about five minutes they got up and left and said they were in the wrong class. Students are also not the only ones who can be late the professors can too. When this happens every student is looking at the clock and waiting that 10 to 20 minutes to see if they can leave. The feeling in the room when the teacher actually shows up it just sucks all of the energy out because everyone was hoping they could leave but this does not happen as much as students.