What's Going on With R Kelly?

Eric Guinn, Associate Writer

Picture courtesy of Unsplash.com

Picture courtesy of Unsplash.com

Starting in 1994, R&B Singer, R Kelly has been under fire from a series of sexual allegations and in two cases, charged. Robert Sylvester Kelly, best known by his stage name, R Kelly, began his sexual activity when he married 15-year-old female R&B singer Aaliyah who lied on the marriage certificate saying she was 18. In 1995, the marriage was annulled.

Over the next several years Kelly faced four sexual assault charges. All of which were settled outside of court via payments of an undisclosed sum.

Then in 2002, the big accusation that would haunt R Kelly’s future forever was charged against him and ultimately led to his incrimination. He was convicted of child pornography.

For a while, Kelly stayed out of the lime light. Then as more women came out and gained the confidence with the #MeToom movement, more women came forward with rape accusations against R Kelly.

Eventually the #MeToo movement would push the hashtag “#MuteRKelly” which prompted the removal of the singer’s musical catalogue from various music sites such as iTunes and Spotify. Although Kelly was taken out of their respective playlists, his music was not totally removed from their sites. Also, last week R Kelly was legally prohibited from being able to come to Philadelphia.

Dr. Robin McCarter, North Greenville University’s Title IX director said, “Although I do believe in innocence until proven guilty, there are times that a celebrity’s status could possibly influence how they are perceived by the media and their fans.”

She talked about how she deals with women and men in these situations of coming forth about abuse. Dr. McCarter explained that she often starts by gathering the story and then attempts to discern the fact from the fiction. She investigates into the situation and then figures out how to approach and resolve the situation.