How to dress trendy and comfortable

Meghan Salinas, Visual Editor

photo courtesy: pixabay

photo courtesy: pixabay

It’s the question that many women ask themselves as they are skimming their closet with a pile of shirts, jeans, and shoes thrown around the room creating an absolute mess. The question, is simply this: How does one dress stylish and stay comfortable at the same time? What you see models wearing on fashion runways is not comfort, whatsoever. 

Ladies, can we please talk about the six -inch heels you might be wearing to the grocery store? Although you may be looking extremely stylish and very vogue, those heels are completely unnecessary and not worth the fatal injury that might be in your future as you slip on an escaped banana in the middle of the grocery store aisle.

 Here are easy ideas to follow in order to master cuteness and comfort at the same time. 

 1)   Wearing pajama pants in public.

Yes, I know that sounds silly but just think about this: Invest in a pair of solid and silky pair of pajama pants and pair it with a simple t-shirt and a nice blazer and you’re set for anything. You’ll have everyone fooled and be strutting in style and all you had to do was roll out of bed. 

2)    Pull out those leggings.

Okay ladies, you already know how a good pair of leggings can change your life right? You may think that leggings are a dead giveaway to your comfort-first attitude but some believe that leggings are not professional to wear as you’re heading into work. But, leggings can look extremely sophisticated and work appropriate when reinvented.  Find a thick pair of legging ones with pant-like details like obvious seams or zippers. Pair with a button-up, sweater, or long blazer. 

3)   When you do wear heels, make them thick

Those sky-high stilettos are a thing of the past. Styles with a thick and low heel are not only comfortable enough for long commutes and active workdays, but they are also incredibly trendy. 

4)   Neutral colors are everything.

One tip that is recommended for ALL to follow. Try to stick to a neutral color palette so everything in your wardrobe goes together and making outfits is a breeze. This way, you won’t have the issue of what top matches with those patterned pants you absolutely adore. This allows you to get dresses when you’re half asleep and still look cute. 

5)   Embrace your thick rimmed glasses.

Not only do they save you time putting in your contacts, but thick rimmed glasses frame and define your eyes enough so that you won’t even have to wear eye makeup. Also, pairing these with a long tunic, leggings, thick socks, and boots would make a fashionable winter outfit to wear to any occasion. 

6)   Accessorize

Cover up a boring old white t-shirt with a pair of leggings, boot socks, headwraps, chunky necklaces and bracelets, and more.