Opinion: Why do they get away with it?

Taylor Deaton, News/Opinion Editor

Photo by  Joshua Hoehne  on  Unsplash .

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash.

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It isn’t an uncommon occurrence to see headlines proclaiming accusations against celebrities. We read the article, information and pieces of so-called evidence, but then it goes away. After a while we forget what we read in the news, and we continue on with life.

One fact never usually considered is how these accusations go away so quickly and without charge. So how do celebrities avoid charges, some of which are extremely alarming, so easily?

It’s no secret that celebrities have resources that we don’t have when it comes to criminal charges. Teams assemble for them when accusations are made. These teams are combined of top-notch lawyers, who will do anything to protect their clients, because they are getting paid top-dollar to do so.  

Fame and fortune are a dangerous combination. Considering I have neither, I can’t place myself in the shoes of those who do. What I can say, though, is that I’ve read about plenty of celebrities let off of charges without any type of reprimand.

There’s a dangerous line involved in this, also. That line is “guilty until proven innocent.” Allegations are just that. It’s hard to express an opinion about celebrities faced with charges when we really aren’t sure what’s true and what is not.

This doesn’t mean we should just not care. Celebrities shouldn’t be able to take the easy way out of things just because of their title. Fame doesn’t give anyone the right to take advantage of the law.  

An especially serious game is played with sexual assault accusations. This type of accusation is dangerous because evidence can be scarce and unreliable.

Even more so, we are living in a generation where sexual assault is no longer acceptable and pushed away from the spotlight. New allegations against celebrities and politicians are made weekly, it seems.

There’s a bit of a cycle occurring. Celebrities are accused, charges are made, investigations occur and then charges are dropped. The general public can’t be involved in every single investigation made, so how do we know what happened for charges to be dropped? 

Were falsified claims made? Was evidence gathered to prove the defendant not guilty? There are so many questions that we don’t have the answer to.

This cycle has become especially recognizable with musician R. Kelly. Kelly has been dodging accusations that range from child pornography to having sex with under-aged females for years. While none of his accusations have landed him time in prison, there becomes a point where it’s uncomfortable to see just how many allegations have been made against Kelly.

If this was any typical, middle-class citizen, the word guilty would be written all over them. Kelly has gotten out of accusations time after time, and it’s frustrating simply because of how many have been made, and the nature of the allegations.

Of course, this brings us back to fame and fortune. Like I stated early, he has the best teams who will do whatever they can to keep him out of prison, because they’re getting paid R. Kelly money to do so.

It isn’t fair that people in power get to use their money to get out of situations. It doesn’t work like that with the general public, so it shouldn’t work like that when extra money is shelled out for celebrities.