Advice from Seniors

Chloe Watson, Staff writer

Freshman year can be really scary, especially for people going out on their own for the first time. Don’t worry, it gets easier – after four years of experience, seniors have a pretty good idea what they’re doing. Here are some bits of amazing advice from North Greenville’s amazing seniors.

"Make friends in your classes, and hang out with your roommate as much as possible - don't isolate yourself. Go to your professor’s office if you are having trouble in classes - they will help. Call your parents every once in a while; they will appreciate it. Also, remember the Lord is in control, so getting a C isn't the end of the world." - Elise Schoeffler, business

"Live in the moment. I don't mean 'be reckless', but appreciate the time you have now. You spend all your time stewing in memories, or thinking about the future, that you forget that life is happening right here, right now. Then, by the time you get to wherever you were headed, you missed wherever you were. It can turn into a cycle, so be careful not to let that happen." - Tyler Craig, political science

“Go to chapel – get your 22 classes out early, that way you can skip later if you need to. Same with cultural events. Plan the days you want to go early in the semester. If you major has a lot of electives, make sure that you start working on them as soon as possible. Get them out of the way before your senior year.” – Libby Gerard, business

"No matter what you're doing, ask yourself, "What don't I understand?" It's a really simple question, but if you can answer it, you'll be pretty well set. It's gotten me through a lot, especially in school. Also, if you can't answer it, talk to your professors. Get help. Remember, they're on your side. They're there for you, so don't be afraid to ask those kinds of questions." - Adam Cartee, Department of Business Administration.

"Have fun, within reason. It really does make a difference when you manage your time well. You should still make time for friends, fun, and also sleep. Sleep is really important. Work hard to get internships and just in, even if it's intimidating. You'll always get something out of it." - Camille Heyerman, interdisciplinary with digital media and Spanish