Humans of NGU, Tori Jacobsen's mission trip to Africa

Madison Giles, Contributing Writer


Tori Jacobsen, a sophomore at NGU, took a trip to Lesotho, Africa for her first international mission trip.  

On June 22, 2017, Jacobsen boarded a plane for a supposed to be 16-hour flight to Lesotho. The groups flight ended up being 18 hours after being stuck on a plane in Ghana for two hours. 

When she picked up the application to go on the trip, she wasn’t sure of how she was going to be able to afford the trip. Jacobsen had argued with God and wasn’t going to fill out the application because she thought it would be a waste of her time. She filled out the application anyways and before she knew it a Sunday school class at her church wanted to fully fund her trip. 

Jacobsen’s favorite part of the trip was listening to all the people worship. She said that she cannot describe with words the power of the different languages you could hear from all the people singing in their own native languages. 

Something that Jacobsen got to witness while she was in Lesotho was a real miracle for a young boy and his mother. The young boy had been sick for three weeks with abdominal pain and a fever, he was unable to eat and walk. The mother had taken him to witch doctors, but nothing was working until they had met the missionaries. The cut of their charms and they took the family to the nearest government doctor. They figured out the boy had a ruptured appendix and was about to go into surgery. Before the doctors even laid a hand on him the boy was completely healed. 

Jacobsen’s most exciting part of her trip was when the leaders surprised the group with a night on a safari resort.  

Jacobsen said she had learned so much on this trip. She said she learned to stop doubting God. She said when you are a kid your parents tell you that people in other countries don’t have as much as you do, you really don’t realize or understand it until you actually see it. Jacobsen said that she left half of the clothes she had taken with her in Lesotho for the people there.