Swingin' Into Greenville: Greenville Swing

Meghan Salinas, Visual Editor

photo courtesy: Greenville Swing

photo courtesy: Greenville Swing

Swing dancing has to be the most popular weekday event that students at North Greenville University love to attend. It provides cheap entertainment where you’re able to express yourself through dance and a way of exercise. As the air gets warmer, the dance halls are your way to have one of the best experiences indoors. 

Ladies, put on your flowy dresses and the most comfortable pair of shoes and guys, put on your plaid shirt and jeans.  Whether you’re looking for a night out with friends or a way to get an intense and fun workout, then take a look in your own backyard.

Greenville Swing is one of the most adored halls by NGU students. You can’t beat the price and it gives you and your friends something to do every Tuesday. Take a break of studying and go dancing. You deserve it because you just went through a dreaded Monday. Greenville Swing occurs every week on Tuesdays in the cabin at McPherson Park located at 100 E Park Ave, Greenville, SC 29601. Swing along with friends or come alone. Free lessons start at 7:30 p.m. for $4 admission 

Swing-out lessons start at 7 p.m. while beginner lessons start a half hour later.  Those at Greenville Swing also participate in flash mobs around the Greenville area like the one they had most recently in Noma Square located in downtown Greenville. 

Greenville Swing also has partnerships with other dance halls for those who are interested in changing up their taste. The most basic lesson taught at Greenville Swing is called the East Coast swing, but sometimes they feature a special event-themed dance, like the Great Gatsby.

This is a short little bio from the owners of Greenville Swing: “We connect people through dance. Greenville Swing is a judgement free, safe place to come and have fun. No matter what age, or how long you have danced. The one and only goal we have is for you to have a great time. We love that there is so much Swing Dancing in Greenville and want to offer it right in the heart of Downtown Greenville on Tuesday nights. So come out, have a great time, and dance all night.”

 So NGU students, take a break and come release some stress at Greenville Swing every Tuesday.