JJ Sherman: track and field first team all-american

Madison Giles, Staff Writer

Courtesy of Unsplash.com

Courtesy of Unsplash.com

JJ Sherman, a junior on the track and field team at North Greenville University, was awarded the track and field first team all-american.  

Sherman said this award means a lot. “This is a big accomplishment; I’ve just got to aim a little higher.” He wants to eventually become a national champion, but he said, “All-American will do for now.” 

For NGU, this is also a big accomplishment. The team’s ultimate goal is to become national champions as a team. Sherman’s award  gives North Greenville University a better view from a national standpoint. This award is one step closer to their goal. 

Sherman has now been given this award twice. “It gave me a little confidence because I had to overcome some injuries from freshman and junior year, so being able to make it back to nationals and place again was a big accomplishment.” 

Sherman’s coaches and teammates have been incredibly supportive of both times he has won the award since being on the track and field team at North Greenville University. 

Sherman was really happy to find out he had placed again. He was shooting to be a national champion, “It was good, but at the same time now I know what I need to do differently to better myself next time.” 

His coaches and teammates were proud. “They sent me a video; they were all very proud.” 

After his family and friends found out he had been awarded the Track and Field first team All-American everyone started calling him. They were all incredibly happy. Sherman said, “I could tell they were all very proud.”