To Complain or to Not Complain

Vivian Wortkoetter, Staff Writer

My goal for this past week was to quit complaining, and this is how it went.

Monday was extremely hard because I had to work, and I am a queen at complaining at work sometimes if there are certain people working with me that night. I complained some, but I had to keep in mind my goal. At the end of the night, once I got home around 11 p.m., I realized that I ultimately failed to not complain.

Tuesday was also pretty bad, but I did seem to hold my tongue a few more times than the night before. I had to work that morning from open to 4 p.m. I normally get a 15 minute break around 11 a.m., but for some reason, I didn’t get a break until 3 pm. I was pretty ‘hangry’ at that point since I had been there since 8 a.m., but at least I had gotten my break. After my break, and after I had eaten, I rethought about my goal to quit complaining. The whole rest of the day I tried to rewire my thoughts to be positive.

Wednesday was better than the last two days. There was only one point in that day where I had complained way too much, at least in my own mind. There’s one class that I’m taking that I have been really struggling with. I honestly have the hardest time NOT complaining about it, but I didn’t…well, at least not out loud.

Thursday was worse than Wednesday. I had to work that morning, the same shift as Tuesday; but what was different about this shift was that someone I don’t like working with was there. This person has not liked me since the first day I started six years ago, and we still don’t get along. I did well not complaining, but I did have a rough attitude during work. I didn’t speak very much and I tried to avoid the person at all costs.

Friday went really well in regards to how much I ended up complaining. I had a nice relaxing day after school. I only hung out with my boyfriend, picked up my mom from the airport and went out to go play pool at the Aloft hotel downtown Greenville. There wasn’t much to complain about.

Saturday was only rough because I had to work 8.5 hours that day, starting at 8 a.m. I had to stay an hour overtime despite me telling them I couldn’t because I had plans that evening, but they didn’t seem to mind keeping me to help out. I had to force my mouth to stay closed, but it was hard. I did end up complaining a little after work, ranting to my mom about how hectic it was.

Sunday, was so very nice. I had no reason to complain, so I didn’t. My boyfriend and I went to Asheville after church to hang out with a couple that we met up there last time we visited.

Overall, my experience with trying to not complain was a lot harder than I imagined it to be. I complain a lot because of work, so I realize now that I should be more grateful to have a job. Unfortunately, it’s hard having a job that works you a lot and to go to college full-time. There’s lots of sacrifices to make when you’re heavily involved in both school and work, but it’s always worth it in the long run. I have learned throughout this past week to see things more positively. I have a hard time seeing the joy in situations, but this past week of trying to not complain has opened my eyes. It’s a real challenge, but I urge people to try this.