5 sports movies for sports lovers

Madison Giles, Staff Writer

Courtesy of Unsplash.com

Courtesy of Unsplash.com

If you love sports and love movies here are five sports movies:

1. The Blind Side

This movie starring Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw tells the story of Michael Oher, played by Quinton Aaron. This homeless black boy had been in and out of the school system for years and was taken in by Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock) and her husband (Tim McGraw). He begins to realize his potential as a student and a football player.

2. Space Jam

Smackhammer, an evil alien theme park owner, decides to send the Nerdlucks to kidnap the Looney Tunes because he is in need of a new attraction on Moron Mountain. Bugs Bunny challenges them to a basketball game, but the Nerdlucks steal the powers of NBA players, Larry Bird and Charles Barkley. Bugs decides to get some help from Superstar Michael Jordan.

3. Friday Night Lights

A small town in Texas is obsessed over their high school football team. Boobie Miles, the star tailback, gets seriously injured during the first game of the season. All hope is lost for the team social problems in the town begin to flare up. It is left to the new coach to restore a sense of self-respect and honor in the players and the town.

4. 42

This movie starring Harrison Ford and Chadwick Boseman is the story behind Jackie Robinson. In 1946, Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford), manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, signs Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman), defying the major league baseball’s color barrier. This act puts both of them in the firing line of the players, press, and the public. Robinson shows true courage and restraint by not reacting, but letting his talent show what he’s made of.

5. The Sandlot

Scottie Smalls played by Thomas Guiry moves to a new neighbor and makes friends with a group of kids that play baseball at the sandlot, but they run into trouble when the ball Smalls borrowed from his stepdad gets hit over the fence.