The Turnip

Vivian Wortkoetter, Staff Writer


People come across crazy stories everyday on the internet, the news program on TV and on the radio, but how many of the crazy stories that people hear are true? Let’s take a look at some more recent stories that are hard to believe.

The Boy who was trapped in an igloo cooler

In Florida, a boy decided to get into an Igloo Ice Cooler to play around. He closed the lid on himself and it locked up. He was under the lid for a handful of seconds before letting out cries and screams for help. His family rushed out to find him, and it took them a hot second to figure out where the screams were coming from. They found him, but for this specific instance, Igloo issued a voluntary recall on various coolers.

You can find the video here.

German chocolate spill makes for sweet street

In Werl, Germany last year during the holidays, a tank of melted chocolate spilled out onto the street, making the firefighters have to shovel it all up for hours. A cleaning company had to come clean the streets eventually. Despite the unfortunate event, Werl was still able to enjoy chocolate on Christmas.

You can find a picture here.

Man survives bear attack, shark attack and snake bite in three years

A man from Colorado survived a bear and a shark attack in one year, and still in surviving. He still has some extreme scars, but is recovering well.

He has the odds of 893 quadrillion to one by surviving all of these events. He did it, and has not turned his back on nature because of these events. He still loves to go outdoors and enjoy himself by surfing and camping out.

You can watch the video here.

You can read article here.