Hot spots in Greenville: Spill the Beans

Alec Harris, Staff Writer

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Greenville is an incredible place surrounded by many activities. With so many opportunities, it can be hard to know what all is out there. The hardest part is discovering what is where and if it is worth the trip. There are a ton of hot restaurants, parks, waterfalls, hiking spots and more. Here is one place everyone should check out.

Spill the Beans is a coffee shop in downtown Greenville right by Falls Park. The scenery is gorgeous and the drinks are amazing. It is located on Main Street downtown and boasts a brick walled rustic modern interior with views over the park. They couldn’t have a better location. It is perfect to stop in on your way out of the park to grab a drink, or to wander around the rest of Greenville.

The shop serves a myriad of different things. There is something for everyone, not just people looking for something to drink. Not only are there a ton of coffee drinks, they custom blend ice cream to order. Choose from a base of either vanilla or chocolate then pick from a huge list of toppings and watch as they blend it into a fantastic treat served in a cone made in house. One awesome combination to try is vanilla with snickers and m&ms mixed in.

Spill the Beans also serves smoothies and milkshakes. Possibly the best non-coffee beverage served is their Mexican hot chocolate. It combines an already awesome hot chocolate with a strong complement of cinnamon and other spices that turn it from a work of art into a masterpiece. Nothing else compares to the absolute soul rending beauty of tasting that first sip of Mexican hot chocolate. Everyone needs to experience its wonder at some point in their lives for if not, how can they claim to have truly lived? There is a simplistic beauty in getting a Mexican hot chocolate and walking straight into Falls Park to watch the ducks swim, the children run around like maniacs, the parents watching in despair as their children run around like maniacs all while standing in calm with a Mexican hot chocolate in hand.

All jokes aside Spill the Beans makes an incredible Mexican hot chocolate that will create a craving for more. For all the tea lovers out there Spill the beans has an awesome chai tea latte, either hot or cold. They also have an array of herbal teas to choose from if you would so desire.

There is no better place to go to relax, to get stuff done, to study or to just get something to drink. To top it all off, they of course have complimentary WiFi to create the perfect studying experience as finals draw ever nearer. So pull up a chair at one of the many tables and get to work. Or go to one of their comfortable couches and binge another season on Netflix, it’s really up to you.