National Library Worker's Day

Ariona Imel, Staff Writer

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April 9, 2019 is National Library Workers Day. This day is for appreciation towards those who contribute to a library and put in work to make it what it needs to be. This day came about on Jan. 25, 2003. It is to recognize the staff who put in hard work and dedication towards libraries. There are some activities that go on during this day such as, donations, awards and fun activities that include schools and library workers. Without libraries we would not have all the information and tools that we need to work or learn. 

At North Greenville, we have a great library staff who work hard to help students find what they need. You can also be a work study at the library and learn the ropes on locating books and overall how everything works.

Mia Perdomo currently works at the library here at North Greenville. She is a 2016 graduate. When asked when she has worked at the library, she said “It’s my second year here, I previously worked here in 2017 and have recently returned.” Her parents also worked at North Greenville, so she has grown up being around NGU.

Perdomo likes the peace and quietness about the library, and also the flexibility they have when it comes to work hours. Flexibility is a big thing for her since she is also a mother. She also enjoys working here because she likes the campus and the students.

“Some of things we do here, is help students check out books and find books. If there is a problem with the computers, we are able to help fix those too,” Perdomo stated. When looking for a book you simply have to look at the markers on the book shelves. “Shelf reading is definitely one of the harder things to learn, because it’s where everything is,” Perdomo said.

For those looking to be a library worker or a work study, you have to be okay with the quietness of it all. Perdomo says, “If you don’t like quiet, you probably won’t like working here. If you’re more laid back and don’t mind the quiet, then it’ll be an easy job.”

For those looking to be a work study at the library, it may come off as a job you don’t have to do anything. But it is just the opposite, “Students need to remember they’re coming to work and not just hangout. If you work hard then maybe in the future, you could get a job here,” says Perdomo.

Library workers put in the work they need to, to keep a library up and running. So, we need to appreciate them on this day and all the others. Without them we would probably be lost, trying to figure out where a certain book is. Show your appreciation to library workers this Tuesday, make sure they know how treasured they are to us.