Campus Ministries and Student Life combining on June 1

Bryce Faulkenberry, Staff Writer

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Effective June 1, the offices of Campus Ministries and Student Life will merge together.. These departments have been separate for as long as anyone can remember, but on June 1st, 2019, they will combine forces.

Steve Crouse, Vice President of Campus Ministries, had some things to say about this joining of departments. Crouse informed us that ”Jody Jennings would be taking up the role as Vice President of Campus Ministries and Student Engagement for this new department.”

“I feel Jody is the right man for the job without a shadow of a doubt and he will do good things in this new position,” mentioned Crouse. Jennings is currently the Associate Vice President of Campus Ministries.

With a new department also comes a new position for Crouse. Crouse will be taking up the new title of Senior Campus Pastor and Chief Spiritual Formation Officer for the Tigerville campus. On top of these new positions, Crouse said “[he] will be teaching more in the College of Christian Studies and the Graduate school helping to prepare students.”

“I will also be teaching for six hours a semester starting next year,” said Crouse.

The President of North Greenville University, Gene Fant, stated that “this new role combines the areas of campus ministries, student life, and residential life all under one leader, who is tasked with ensuring that all of our extra-curricular student experiences emphasize our identity as an unapologetically Christian institution. I cannot imagine a better leader for this role than Jody Jennings.”

Jennings has been working at NGU since returning in 2008 and was over Baptist College Ministries, along with being a missionary in Uganda. “I am extremely excited and extremely humbled, and also very aware of the whole new role that is being placed in front of me,” stated Jennings.

Jennings also stated, “A part of my job will be to bring these two departments together, which should not be hard since we already work together really well.”

Crouse mentioned that he is “very excited to be expanding [his] role as the senior campus pastor” and he is “looking forward to working with North Greenville’s talented faculty and staff, as well as the students, to facilitate spiritual growth.”

Both leaders involved in this combination of departments are very excited to be taking up new roles on campus. Both will be very busy once the academic year starts on June 1st, 2019.