Humans of NGU: Grace Bennett takes Improv by storm

Grace Bennett performing on stage

Grace Bennett performing on stage

Chase Bridges, Staff Writer

Grace Bennett has wanted one thing since she enrolled at North Greenville University: to be a part of their improv comedy group, Required Chaos.

Bennett first auditioned during her freshman year. She competed against a room full of comedic hopefuls for a shot on the small team. She tried her hardest during her audition but was not chosen for the 2017-2018 team.

Two years later, Required Chaos held another audition. A brand new opportunity to be on stage in front of hundreds of students and try to make them all laugh. Bennett made sure she was in attendance.

This audition proved to be just as difficult as the first. Many students fought for a spot on the squad. This time, Bennett knew what to expect. After a two-hour-long audition process and a night full of anxious waiting, she received an email.

“The email was just a reminder from the university about the first chapel of the semester. My heart dropped because I thought this was going to be it.” Bennett said.

After the false alarm, another email dropped into her inbox.

“Congratulations to the following for making the 2019-2020 Required Chaos improv team!”

After three years, she had made the team.

She and the team practiced for weeks in preparation for the first show of the semester. Bennett was determined to go out and make a name for herself.

“I have gone to every improv show since I came to North Greenville. I knew I needed to go out there with a lot of energy.” Bennett said.

The entire performance was a showcase for the new members of the team. Bennett played several improv games throughout the night. One game was “ABC” which consists each actor starting their sentence with the next letter of the alphabet.

She made her mark playing the game "Half Life” where she had to pull off a comedic scene in one minute. Then she had to perform another in 30 seconds. The length of the scene halves until it reaches one second.

The audience roared in laughter and chanted her name.

For her first ever improv show, Bennett put herself out there and put on the performance of a life time.