9 Ways to reduce your student footprint


Graphic by Shay Carlson

Graphic by Shay Carlson

With finals fast approaching, the last thing many students are concerned with is the size of their carbon footprint. It is important to keep in mind that if we don't show the earth a little love and monitor our contribution to greenhouse gasses, our shiny new college degree will become barely visible through the smog that will encompass our future atmosphere.

So here are nine things that you can do as a student that will help keep the world beautiful far into the future. 

1. Carpool 

One of the best ways to reduce carbon emissions, try to get a group together when running to Walmart to greatly reduce your greenhouse gas contribution. 

2. Use a Blanket

 When you get cold throw a blanket on your bed rather than turn the heat up; it saves money and uses less electricity.

3. Roll out a rug

 Like using a comforter on your bed, using a rug on a cold floor is a decorative way to keep a room insulated and keep emissions low. 

4. Turn out the lights

Leaving on lights you aren’t using consumes a lot of electricity, and switching them off will also save on your electricity bill and help keep your house cooler in the summer.

5. Wash cold

It’s better for your clothes, the environment and it makes your hair shiny.

6.  Avoid disposables 

If you drink bottled water, get a reusable bottle or a filter. Doing this will greatly reduce the waste produced as well as help you avoid estrogens that can contaminate water through plastic. 

7. Unplug chargers

Even when they aren’t being used, chargers consume a huge amount of electricity, according to the US Department of Energy

8. Buy less

Purchasing less creates less waste, which in turn creates less toxic chemicals being released into the air as all that waste breaks down. So next time you go to buy something ask yourself “Do I really need it and how long will it last?"

9. Print less

Though this can be a difficult one as a student, always see if there is a way to turn in your assignments electronically, print double-sided pages and avoid printing more than you have to.