NGU alumni highlight: Amanda Burgess

Alyssa Ashe, Contributing Writer

This is an alumna highlight for the public relations campaigns and cases class of Amanda Burgess who recently taught in Honduras. She graduated with an interdisciplinary studies degree.  
photo courtesy: Amanda Burgess

photo courtesy: Amanda Burgess

Amanda Burgess started her college career at North Greenville University as an Elementary Education major. She enjoyed the college of education but felt something was missing. A natural communicator, it was only fitting for Burgess to study communication. However, she still wanted to pour into the next generation. The interdisciplinary studies major was a perfect fit for Burgess as she was able to combine her two passions.  After graduation, Burgess signed a contract to teach in Honduras. When reflecting on her major, she says, “the communication side really helped me with transitioning into the country.” 

 With a bubbly and inviting personality, Burgess becomes fast friends with everyone she meets. When the Lord called her to teach in Honduras, raising adequate funds for the trip was not an issue. She trusted God would provide, and He exceeded her expectations. Through classes specific to her interests, Burgess was adequately prepared to teach overseas.

 “One of the classes, in particular, was cross-cultural communication. We had to research a country and see what their lifestyle was. It really taught me that Honduras was very different than the states, they do not focus time and money, but intentionality and relationships.”

 Burgess is only one of many successful alumni to graduate with a degree in interdisciplinary studies. She says the program “gives students the drive to pour out to others in different ways and not just in one career path.” Burgess says it’s a “phenomenal way to get a degree but also be able to explore different aspects of majors.” Interdisciplinary majors understand the importance of mastering more than one field of study before entering the “real world”. Burgess has been able to combine her passions and expand God's kingdom overseas as a teacher.