Georgia Gay, EIC

Georgia is a junior Digital Media major at North Greenville University. This is her third year on staff with "The Vision Online." She has loved getting to know all of the people that have been a part of "The Vision Online" and is very blessed to get the opportunity to be the EIC. 

She can be found stuck behind her laptop or slinging pizzas at Pebble Creek Pizza. Coffee, Corgis and candy are her favorites.

You can find her on any social media platform or contact her by this email:


Michael Blackwood, Managing Editor

Michael is a junior Print Media Major at North Greenville University from Boiling Springs, S.C. This is his second year on "The Vision Online" Staff.

Besides writing, Michael enjoys taking pictures, playing music,  and watching Netflix. 

You can find Michael on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or you can reach him at


Lane Koch, Social Media Director

Lane Koch is a junior writer and media manager with "The Vision Online" at North Greenville University.

He is from Rock Hill, S.C. and is a digital media major in the mass communication department. Lane is an avid reader of comics and all book genres from classics to fantasy fiction and enjoys mostly folk and indie music.

He has done volunteer work with special need programs offering tutoring and daycare services, particularly with Adult Enrichment Services in Fort mill. 

His long term goals include graduating with a short term goal of becoming a decent volleyball player. Lane plans to pursue a career as a digital media marketing manager.


Rondo Thompson, Associate Writer

Rondo is a junior at North Greenville University were he majors in Print Media. He is a native of Laurens, S.C. were he was born and raised.

Rondo has a passion for communication and learning information through the ways of writing and interacting with others.

Rondo enjoys music, hanging out with friends, college basketball and football. He is a member of the North Greenville football team and plays defensive line.

Rondo plans to work in the field of Public Relations when he graduates.

You can find Rondo on facebook or contact him at

Adam Kelly, Assistant Editor 

Adam Kelly is a freshman digital media major at North Greenville University. This is his first year on staff with "The Vision Online." He was born in Vinh City Vietnam, but was adopted when he was four months old and now resides in the little town of Moncks Corner, South Carolina where he hangs out with high school friends when he visits home.

Adam's heart goes to one food: chicken nuggets. He will eat them anywhere, except from Mexican restaurants. He will order them at even the nicest restaurants when he cannot find something else on the menu. He also loves to sing and play guitar and ukulele. He loves video games like Pokemon and League of Legends and plays them whenever has spare time. 

Adam also loves YouTube and just started his own channel in early January. He hopes to reach people all over the world with his videos and hopes to make people laugh and brighten their day with them. 

Adam would love to pursue a career as a graphics designer, creating t-shirt and website designs for people. He would also love to work with media in Hollywood, but also work on his music skills to become a musician and singer. 

You can find his YouTube Channel under @HeyItsAdamK. 

Grant Moses, Staff Writer

Grant is from Pickens, S.C. and graduated from Pickens High School. Grant loves to watch Clemson Football, being adventurous, listening to music and enjoys photography. Grant hopes pursue a career with graphic design and working with digital media. 

Sydney Taylor, Staff Writer

Sydney Taylor is a sophomore Digital Media Major and this is her first semester writing for "The Vision Online." 

She is from Fountain Inn, SC and graduated from Hillcrest High. She is on the Women's Lacrosse team here at NGU and enjoys movies, dogs and socks that match.

Hunter Merck, Assistant Editor 

Hunter is a junior digital media major and this is her second semester writing for The Vision.

She hopes to use the media to help share the gospel in secular and unreached nations across the world. Hunter works for the media team at NGU and works as a sound technician. She also has a YouTube channel, which she started in July of 2015. She hopes her channel can have an impact on the world for Jesus one day.

She also loves flowers, and making flower crowns with her best friend while exploring random places and taking pictures. She loves social media. Twitter and Instagram are very important to her and she enjoys doing things just so she can post pictures on social media. Hunter enjoys watching the same shows on Netflix over and over again, including Friends, Gossip Girl and Gilmore Girls. She is obsessed with her dog. Her favorite food is mac and cheese, and she would drink only chocolate milk if that was allowed.

You can follow her on twitter and instagram at @huntermerck and check out her YouTube channel at

Jazmyne Boozer, Assistant Editor 

Jazmyne is a freshman and is majoring in broadcast media major. This is the first semester she is writing for the "The Vision Online." She resides in the small town of Indian Land, S.C, and hopes to become a video producer.

Jazmyne has a passion for people. She loves interacting and socializing with all people. She hopes to incorporate her Christian views with video production in order to spread the gospel. Her favorite films are "Forrest Gump", and "The Chronicles of Narnia."

Jazmyne's small joys in life are Youtube, music, and Netflix. If she ever stops wasting her days away watching movies, she'll hopefully produce her own Christian movie that will actually be shown on Netflix. 

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